Project part of Learning Partnership between Hyper Island and Outpost24.
Outpost24 thinks that it is unfair that hackers have an advantage over companies using ransomware to make their business.
Their intelligent-tool “AppStak” helps the companies preventing cyber attacks.
With AppStak, companies will get all the security reports needed in one dashboard to secure their business from any potential threats.
Production: Vera Zumstein, Saúl Yance
Art lead: Martina Randver
Storyboard: Chon Pornsooksawang, Afrah Fiaz, Felix Borg
Viz-dev and exploration:
Martina Randver, Saúl Yance, Elisabet Trinh, Felix Borg, Chon Pornsooksawang
Martina Randver, Saúl Yance
Animation: Martina Randver, Saúl Yance
Styleframes (Designed by me/C4D+Redshift)
2D UI design by Vera Zumstein
2D UI design by Vera Zumstein
Part of the process

Early design explorations



UI Animation test